Commercial Solar Power in Foster

This page will be updated whenever possible.   Power Usage According to the EPA, the average American home uses 867 KWh per month.  Assuming 4 peak hours of sunlight per day, a 6 MW installation produces 720 MWh of power per month.  Divided out by the 867 per house, this comes out to about 800

Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge

OK, so it’s technically not in Foster – but its RIGHT over the line.   And if you’ve done the loops at Parker Woodland and are looking for something new, take a short jaunt down RI-102 to the Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge. I spent an hour or so on New Year’s Day at the Refuge, and

Walk from Westerly to Massachusetts

The Rhode Island North-South Trail, a 78 mile path reaching from the Atlantic Ocean down in Charlestown, to the RI/MA line in Burrillville, passes through Foster. There’s a number of resources online, and a recent hiking review here of the whole trail: Trip Report: RI North South Trail