The North–South Trail is a 78-mile (124 km) hiking trail that runs the length of Rhode Island from the Atlantic Ocean in Charlestown to the Massachusetts border in Burrillville, Rhode Island. The trail is remarkably rural and scenic. Features include attractive lakeshores, bogs, beaches, hills, rock outcrops, farmland, and dense woodland.

The North–South Trail is the logical extension of the Midstate Trail in Massachusetts and the Wapack Trail in New Hampshire; these three trails together make up a 191-mile (307 km) greenway footpath. (

One Foster resident hiked the whole thing and wrote about his trip here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take?   People have biked the entire length in a day, but they had help with provisions and water staged along the way.  It can be hiked in as little as 3 days.

Can you “thruhike” it?  There are long stretches without legal camping options.

What about water?  With the exception of two campgrounds right on the trail, there is no potable water, you will need to carry your own, or bring a water purification system with you.

What is the route in Foster? Coming north from Vaughn Hollow in Coventry up Potter Road, it turns east on Moosup Valley Road, then north on Johnson Road.  After a few miles it heads east on South Killingly Rd, then north on Balcolm Rd to Salisbury Rd.  Heading west on Salisbury it continues until heading north on Boswell Rd, then briefly east on US-6 to Shady Acres.   North from here it winds through woods until it reaches Shippey Schoolhouse Road, then North onto East Killingly Rd until it hits US-101.  At that point it crosses into Connecticut on a woods road.