Many Foster residents have wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, or outdoor boilers.   Our town is blanketed in forest, which can be sustainably managed to provide a source of fuel.   In fact, we even have an official “Corder of Wood” whose job it is to ensure proper management of firewood.   In addition to firewood, many Foster residents are taking advantage of generous state and federal grant & rebate funds, to help defray the cost of solar panel installations.   Through the Solarize Foster program, additional discounts may be available.

While some may point to data that suggest wood stoves, especially older ones, produce high levels of particulate smoke, it is our belief that responsible burning of locally sourced wood saves money, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and contributes to a continued “hands on” approach that embodies our town.   Of course, proper maintenance is a necessity, and there are several local area chimney-sweeps who can help.   When burning wood, it’s important to ensure good, dry wood with a high heat (BTU) count.   A useful chart can be found here, this will tell you how much heat to expect from your cord of wood.